DirectoryInfoEx 0.12

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Released: Feb 15, 2010
Updated: Feb 14, 2010 by lycj
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Release Notes

QuickZip.IO.PIDL change log.
  • 08-22-09 - version 0.1
    • Initial version.
  • 08-23-09 version 0.2
    • Demo updated.
  • 11-01-09 version 0.3
    • Demo no longer load Network contents, edit the converter to disable this change.
    • DirectoryEx (static class) added.
    • PIDL class is now IDisposable and free automatically now. Also added new - internal classes ShellFolder and Storage which do the same.
    • Performance improved, no longer construct from desktop directory. (see above)
    • DirectoryInfoEx and FileInfoEx is now serializable.
  • 11-01-09 Version 0.4
    • Fixed Cache not working.
  • 11-04-09 Version 0.5
    • DirectoryInfoEx/FileInfoEx works even if the path specified is not exists (Exists == false, you have to call Create() or Refresh() before using it).
    • Refresh(), Create(), MoveTo(), Delete(), CreateSubdirectory() Open() and related instance method added.
    • Constructor support Environment path (e.g. %temp%)
    • Test project.
  • 11-07-09 Version 0.6
    • Context menu support (ContextMenuWrapper)
    • Demo updated (Context menu)
    • FileSystemWatcherEx class added.
    • Fixed FileInfoEx created by EnumFiles()(which used by GetFiles() and GetFileSystemInfos()) return incorrect Parent directory.
  • 11-08-09 Version 0.7
    • Fixed Root of all FileInfoEx equals to c:\Users\{User}\Desktop instead of a GUID.
    • Demo updated (Context menu multiselected)
  • 11-16-09 Version 0.8
    • Fixed unable Rename item in same directory.
    • Fixed ContextMenuWrapper dont return OnHover message on popup.
    • Added QueryMenuItemsEventArgs.Command, return properly for user query items.
    • Demo updated (added statusbar)
  • 12-06-09 Version 0.9
    • Fixed minor typo in DirectoryInfoEx.EmuFiles (if (iShellFolder != null))
    • Fixed DirectoryEx.Copy does not Copy directory recursively. (it currently copies an empty folder)
    • Fixed DIrectoryEx.Move (and perhaps FileEx as well) does not work correctly.
    • Fixed Wrong Operator (new) in DirectoryInfoEx.Delete(), should be override.
  • 01-04-10 Version 0.10
    • Fixed FileSystemInfoEx.getParentIShellFolder() method generate ArgumentException when pidl of items directly in Desktop directory, caused by _desktopShellFolder.BindToObject({Desktop's PIDL},...);
    • Fixed FileSystemInfoEx.Delete() return NotImplementException when get called.
    • Fixed DirectoryEx/FileEx.Exists does not check if it's directory / file.
    • Fixed FileSystemInfoEx.refresh() method does not update attribute.
    • Implemented IClonable interface in FileSystemInfoEx, DirectoryInfoEx and FileInfoEx classes.
    • Added BeforeInvoke event to ContextMenuWrapper class.
    • Added Run behavior when double click in filelist.
    • Added FileSystemWatcherEx.Filter.
  • 01-20-10 Version 0.11
    • Added DirectoryTree in the demo now properly refreshed when changed. (Implemented an ObservableCollection in GetDirectoriesConverterEx class using FileSystemWatcherEx class)
    • Added ContextMenuWrapper.OnQueryMenuItems.QueryContextMenu2/QueryContextMenu3 property.
    • Added ContextMenuWrapper.OnBeforePopup event.
    • Added ContextMenuWrapper.OnQueryMenuItems event now support multilevel menu. (e.g. @"Tools\Add")
    • Added ContextMenuWrapper.OnQueryMenuItems event now support GrayedItems / HiddenItems.
  • 02-15-10 Version 0.12
    • Fixed Fullname of User/Shared directory under desktop is now it's GUID instead of it's file path.
    • Fixed PIDL, PIDLRel, ShellFolder, Storage properties generated on demand to avoid x-thread issues.
    • Added PathEx class to deal with PIDL related paths.

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