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Project Description
DirectoryInfoEx is a DirectoryInfo rewrite using IShellFolder, it provide access to special folders like desktop, mycomputer to Desktop (32/64) applications.

DirectoryInfo is a class to represent a folder in disk, it's suitable to list file system entries, but it cannot be used to represent a special folder (e.g. virtual folder that doesnt exist in the disk). you may have to use IShellFolder to enumerate these directories. DirectoryInfoEx is written to support these folders.
DirectoryInfoEx is inherited from FileSystemInfoEx, which is inherited from FileSystemInfo, it have a similar interface as System.IO.DirectoryInfo.

string[] txtFiles = new DirectoryInfoEx(Environment.SpecialFolder.Desktop)
                .EnumerateFiles("*.txt", SearchOption.TopDirectoryOnly)
                .Select(fi => fi.FullName)

Partial documentation can be found here :
Nuget package is available here :


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